In January 1980, the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) awarded a contract for the transportation study and planning for the then-fledging Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, to the consortium named SOFRETU – AMANA – OSOT. The consortium consisted of three separate consulting firms with separate identities thus:
1. SOFRETU of France
2. Amana Consulting Engineers (Nigerian), and
3. Osot Associates Consulting Engineers (Nigerian)
This original contract for the transportation study for the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, had the following sub-components:
(i) Conception, planning and design of the transportation master plan of the FCT, Abuja
(ii) Land use plan
(iii) Plan of the road network
(iv) Reservation design of the metroline
(v) Reservation design of the transitways
(vi) Reservation design of the exclusive bus routes bounding the transit ways / metro line
At the completion of the transportation study in 1981, the consortium was awarded the following follow-up contracts by the FCDA in late 1982. These contracts were for:
1. Reservation design of the Transportation Centre
2. Reservation design of the Interchange Centre
3. Detailed engineering design of the four transit ways, N2, S2, N12, S12 in the Central Area of Abuja.
The above three follow- up contracts were successfully completed in late 1983.

Client :

Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA)

Date :

August 8, 2018

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