Our Vision

To deliver the best engineering projects locally and internationally in the most sustainable manners

Our Mission

To place at the disposal of our clients the value  of our experts, bringing their knowledge, experience into technology

Our Quality

Over 46 years of planning, designing, supervision, project management and delivery of over 400 projects all over Nigeria

Core Value

Honesty and Integrity in all our dealings • Passion for Excellence, Modernization and Innovation • Job Ownership and Engagement

Our Services

Geotechnical Studies

Geotechnical Studies

Geotechnical investigations are performed by our geotechnical engineers to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock

Rural Electrification

Rural Electrification

We offer Rural electrification for rural and remote areas,but it also allows for the mechanization of many farming operations,

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

We understand structures, we are trained to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for buildings

Transportation Planning and Engineering

Transportation Planning and Engineering

We focus on designing new transportation systems and upgrades to highways, urban roads, airports, railroads, and water transport networks.

Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

We develop new equipment and systems for water resource management facilities. The systems that our water resource engineers create ensure that...

Environmental Studies and Management

Environmental Studies and Management

We understand and provide solutions to the environmental system and the status of its inherent or induced changes on organisms

Latest Projects

Why Chose US?

Amana Consortium is a multi-disciplinary Engineering and Turnkey Project Management Group with operations in Nigeria. It began business in 1972. Until 1995, its focus was on engineering and construction technology consulting

We are Professional


Amana is committed to providing high standard and excellent services to clients

Maintenance Habits

Clients Support

Preventive maintenance is rigorously practiced.

We are Trusted

Clients satisfactions

Fulfilling all stakeholders requirements and continuous investment in human
capital development is our goal

Certified Products

ASN Certified

We are registered with the American Society for Quality.

We are Creative


Facilities and equipment are configured to support flexibility and change

Quality Policy


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are our hallmark. We ensure quality through active involvement of all our management


We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent self starters with specific skill sets to produce truly amazing results.