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About Amana Consortium

Amana Consortium is a multi-disciplinary Engineering and Turnkey Project Management Group with operations in Nigeria. It began business in 1972. Until 1995, its focus was on engineering and construction technology consulting. However, due to business expansion coupled with the changing business environment in Nigeria, it went through restructuring culminating in its present concentration on Engineering Procurement.

We Are Trusted!

Project Management, and Turnkey Project delivery. The group is poised to exploit the tremendous investment opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector of the Nigerian Economy.

Our Vision

To deliver the best engineering projects locally and internationally for our clients, panthers, and public bodies all together

Our Mission

To place at the disposal of our clients the value and dedication of our experts, bringing their knowledge, experience and insights in technology, human and material engineering to meet the challenges of sustainable development of the economy, environment and society

To add maximum value to the quality of life and expertise of our employees

Our Undertaking on Quality

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are our hallmarks. We ensure quality through active involvement of all our management and staff in the process of planning, organizing, executing and fulfilling all stakeholders requirements and continuous investment in human
capital development and technology update

Over 46 years of Planning, Designing, Supervision, Project Management and Delivery of over 400 projects all over Nigeria

Amana Quality Policy Statement

Amana is committed to providing high standard and excellent services to clients.

We achieve this goal through provision of adequate resources, training and employment of seasoned professionals. In all our departments and operational offices, achievable targets as well as goals are set to enable us maintain excellence in consultancy practice.

We ensure quality through active involvement of all our management and staff in the process of planning, organising, executing and fulfilling customer’s requirements and continuous investment in human capital development and technology update.
Our customers are the drivers of our quality programme. In this case quality is established with a focus on satisfying and exceeding the requirements, expectations, needs, and preferences of our customers. To ensure quality services in our organization, we undertake careful planning, analysis, communication between functions and close co-operation among all departments and offices.

At Amana Consortium:
” Quality is focused at the source i.e. built-in not inspected in.
” Staffs are responsible for self-detection and correction of errors.
” Preventive maintenance is rigorously practiced.
” Facilities and equipment are configured to support flexibility and change.
We continuously seek to improve the quality of our organisation, products and services to meet and exceed the requirements of International Standard BS EN 9001:2000 in our operations and management systems. We are also registered with American Society for Quality.

We repose our policy on all management and staff of Amana, and look forward to their unalloyed support and dedication in realisation of our objectives.

Our Clients

The following are major clients aside from numerous corporate going concerns:
” Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development
” Federal Ministry of Works and Housing
” Federal Ministry of Power and Steel
” Federal Ministry of Industries
” Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA)
” Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund – PTF
” Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)
” Cross River Basin and Rural Development Authority
” Cross River State Government
” Akwa Ibom State Government
” Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited
” Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited
” Nigeria Stock Exchange, etc.


Directors and Top Management


Board of Directors

Founder & CEO

Dr. Edet J. Amana is the Founder and Chief Executive of Amana Consortium


Mr. Destiny Amana

Chief Engineer

Network and Web-related projects and heads Icecool Contracts Ltd

  • Engr. Benjamin Oritogun
  • Engr. Taiwo Ogunsakin
  • Mr. Abieba E. Michael
  • Engr. Oku N Akpabio
  • Engr. Gideon Nnadozie
  • Mr Edet Amana
  • Engr Ned Jessup